Bras of Horror #12

Claire Gordon as Sandra Banks in Konga (1961). Hands off you beast!


  1. Oh god, my dad would have referred to her frontage as "The bumper on a 57 Caddy!"

  2. They look dangerous. My old buddy used to call these 'rocket boobies'.

    Bill @ The Uranium Cafe

  3. Whoa momma. Look at that set of hot jugs.

    That girl in the sweater is pretty cute too.

  4. We used to call them Soft Bombs, and when they looked like this gal's (cold-weather nips) we'd say she was 'Armed for a drop'.

  5. Martina Dinale3 May 2012 at 05:06

    Shoot , all she had to do is thrust those babies at him with vigor....they look like they'd puncture anything !! I remember this strange distortion of the American Boobage from when I was a child.....and remember wondering why they were made to look like that when it was clearly not their natural shape ! It was very confusing to a small person .