June Kenney was gorgeous in this, and Earth vs Spider in the same year. A quick search on IMDB.COM doesn't list her in anything after 1962. Any ideas what became of her?...in one scene they're watching another Bert I Gordon movie 'The Amazing Collosal Man'. Any other examples of this kind of 'product placement' in 50s sci-fi? What was the film the kids were watching in The Blob....?I thought that John Hoyt played the part of the doll-maker as being too nice. Maybe it was a subtle sympathetic performance that went over my head, but I'd have preferred Karloff as a mad puppet maker.And the ending was a let down - hit him Agar! Call the police! STICK HIM IN THE MACHINE!!! But oh no, they just walk out the office whistling a merry tune.I really enjoyed this movie actually. John Agar, my fave genre actor does a great job despite being turned into a puppet. The aforementioned June Kenney is gorgeous. The special effects are pretty good, and the plot is ridiculous. 10/10

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