This is the VERY first film I remember seeing., and being pretty badly traumatised by the cat scenes. So it was with some anticipation that I sat down last night to check how the reality fares against my memory.I’m glad to report that the cat scenes that made me scream so much as kid are STILL bloody frightening, and extremely well done. During other parts of the movie though, I’m afraid I did feel myself guiltily laughing – at our heroes setbacks unfortunately, like when he spends ages freeing the cheese from the mousetrap only to see it fall down the drain – and the scene where the newsreader announces he’s been eaten by the pet cat – like I said, I had to laugh, but did feel a pang of remorse.Unintentional comedy aside this goes straight to the top of my all time fave films list. From the great opening credits with the shrinking man & growing cloud of radiation, it’s just so imaginative, daring, ambitious and completely different from the run of the mill sci-fi/monster movie. Turning every day objects - and the family cat - into alien obstacles and monsters is a completely inspired and effortlessly accomplished piece of film-making. Grant Williams as Scott Carey is superb in what looked to be a real physically demanding role. And I have now forgiven the cat for traumatising me. In return, it inspired in me an interest in all things 50s sci-fi. A fair swap, I reckon.

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  1. This movie was part of a double bill one rainy Saturday night back in 19Canteen when pics of sultry bimbos seemed to wink at me from my fathers Tins of Tennants. Also showing was pre Keanu Reeves - "The Day the Earth Stood Still"....My mind was changed forever.....Now as time slips by and the Universe continues to grow...I find myself shrinking back to my origonal form...smaller and smaller...and...smaller....back to.....................zero!