PIRANHA (1978)

This film gets more and more Corman-esque as it goes on. Culminating in some great lines "They're eating the guests!" It's a lot of fun, as it straddles the line between horror/horror-comedy. Kevin McCarthy appears, as do several Corman stalwarts. The story? Well, a couple of hitchikers find a disused army base with a swimming pool. get naked/get wet/ get eaten. Missing person hunter goes to find them, picks up an alcoholic whatsisname from Falcon Crest (DOESN'T he look like Charlton Heston?). Anyway, said missing person hunter commits a slight faux pas and empties a pool of mutated piranhas into the river. Making her, IMHO one of the biggest mass-murderers that we're expected to sympathise with in the history of movie making. The chase down-river ensues. Look out kids! Look out bathers at the opening gala of an Amity Island-esque resort (a lot smaller. Well, it's a lot smaller budget)! Eventually Blake saves the day... or does he? That would be telling... I'm gonna get me that poster, it's wonderful.

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