THE MIST (abridged review) (2007)

Apparently somebody once bet Hemingway he couldn't write a story in 10 words or less. Hemingway managed to produce a haunting, tragic and memorable piece in 6 words:

"For sale. Baby's shoes. Never worn."

Meanwhile, the Four Word Film Review website regularly publishes great film reviews in four words or less. My favourite is a review of Titanic in three words. "Icy Dead People".

It's in the spirit of such fine examples of brevity that my abridged review of The Mist will be 3 words long...

Naturally, it will contain spoilers.

If you haven't seen the film and are still reading, you really should look away now. Because here it is. My review of The Mist:

Should. Have. Waited.


  1. oooh oooh i have a short review for it too:

    book was better.

    another would be :

    cgi could'a been better