REEKER (2006)

When it comes to enjoying a horror movie, I don't mind cheesy dialogue. Cliches are fine. AWFUL titles are cool. Uneven acting is no problem. Plot holes - nonsensical plots - obvious twists - love 'em all! And I can happily admit to all this because I had a pretty good time watching 'Reeker', despite the aforementioned faults.

Maybe I enjoyed it because I felt that it had a touch more imagination that the usual 'teens in peril' flicks currently doing the rounds at your local multiplex. Even though it's a 'teens in peril' flick....

Not only that - but the teens are in peril at a stranded motel!

Not only that - but one of the teens is a blind boy. With an incredible sense of smell!

Not only that - but there's no signal on the cell phones!

Not only that - but the radio is picking up weird, sinister voices!

And so the cliches continue... but, like any half decent episode of 'The Twilight Zone', 'Reeker' is just one of those films that you gotta watch until the very end...even though you kinda know the end might not be worth it.

It all unravels in the last 20 or so minutes, in enjoyably spectacular fashion, and with some wonderfully awful dialogue (what about 'I'm from Johannesburg - I don't scare easily'. No? Ok then, what about 'If you smell him - fire!') and a blind boy falling of a camper van. Whether you find this funny probably tells you more about yourself then you’d like to admit.*

And the ending - well, it's a 'twist'. I'll say no more. I urge you to accept it, or you could waste a lot of time going back through the film and thinking about the plot holes... oh, and the sequel’s shit.

*It’s really funny.


  1. It sounds like since you liked this film, you might enjoy Dark Ride. It's pretty similar to this film, although it has teens in peril IN A CARNIVAL'S FUNHOUSE! It's pretty fun stuff.

  2. "If you smell him, fire."

    That's gold.

  3. The best part was four minutes in, before the opening credits, but that was enough to make it all worth it. :)