SACRILEGE ! My list of classics that leave me cold...

I've just read a great, insightful, review of ‘Suspiria’on another blog. It was so good that I really wish I could get to grips with Argento's work, but it just leaves me cold. And it got me thinking, what other renowned ‘classics’, if I’m being honest, I really don’t get? Well, here they are in a handy Top 5 format:

1. NIGHT OF THE LEAVING DEAD – I know, I know. But I can’t get over some of the bad acting in it. I think this might be the first time I’ve admitted it, but NOTLD has never done it for me. I’ve got it on a shelf, but it remains largely unwatched.

2. SUSPIRIA – At the risk of repeating myself, once again I can’t get over how woeful some of the acting is. There’s bad dubbing, a ludicrously dated look and sound throughout, and a too-sudden ending. Sorry.

3. DRACULA (1931) – I know I’m not alone in finding this hard going. But I’m probably alone in not really rating Lugosi’s performance.

4. THE WICKER MAN – Apart from the ending, where’s the horror?

5. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – I was incredibly excited when I got the chance to watch this as a 9 year old. But as the end credits rolled I was like, “Where was the gore?”. So I went outside and killed a dog. Joke.


  1. My "classic that I just don't get" is The Exorcist. I've seen it three and a half times (once I slept through most of it) and I find it tedious when it isn't unintentionally funny.

    I regular makes "best of" lists, so it must do it for some folks. But I;m just not feeling it.

  2. I can't muster a top five off the top of my head, but I'd definitely put SUSPIRIA at the top. I do like Italian horror and giallo films, but that one left me wondering what the point was. So did THE BEYOND, so there's a list of two.

  3. I have NEVER understood the appeal of The Wicker Man. apart from Britt Ekland with no clothes on, of course. awful film. actually, I pretty much agree with all five of your choices there, fella. AND CRwM's added Exorcist. also, what about pretty much ANY American horror film made in the last twenty odd years?

    oh, man, my list's just WAY TOO long. . .


    Well if they're leaving, what's the problem?

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. And once you fix the typo, I'll look like an idiot.

  5. Aside from The Wicker Man ~ Sacrilege Indeed! :-)


  6. Just wanted to say "Welcome to my blog" Feel free to get involved. It's just a random composite of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and interests. . . . but we all share a similar human experience.

  7. I'm gonna leave the typo in - just for you. I think I prefer it as a title... :)

  8. Aww. *cries a little* Dracula and Night of the Living Dead are on your list? I hurt a little.

    I guess I worked on enough low-budget, cast-because-your-friends-work-for-free movies that I have tons of tolerance for NotLD and rather enjoy it.

    My biggest "doesn't do it for me" movie? The Shining. Yeah, sure, the little girls are creepy, but it mostly bores me out of my socks.

  9. Unbelievably I've never got round to watching Texas Chainsaw, so can't comment on that one, but NOTLD and Wickerman? The horror!

  10. "Night Of The Living Dead" is a classic horror movie. It's truly creepy, with some fantastic scenes and imagery. "The Wicker Man" is a classic movie full stop, though I wouldn't call it horror. Actually, I wouldn't know what to call it, but anything with Ingrid Pitt as a librarian and Christopher Lee in a dress can't be all bad - and in fact it's very good indeed.

  11. I agree about the quality of the acting in "Night of the Living Dead," though it remains an atmospheric chiller. As for me (sorry gore fans) slasher/splatter movies turn me off. I prefer atmosphere and shadows.