Watch Hellboy 2 and it's almost immediately apparent that it has been made with love, talent and respect by an artist - possibly a genius. The result is a great film that looks amazing.

There you go Hollywood. That’s all it takes – THAT’S ALL! So please, no more Hancocks. Or Van Helsings. Or Daredevils. Or My Super Ex-Girlfriends. Or League of Extraordinary Gentlemens. Or Van Helsings.

I realise I said Van Helsing twice there but I REALLY hate that fecking thing!

Hellboy 2 is great though. Why, I feel giddy with excitement having just watched it. I want to shout it from the roof-tops like the name of my first love! And, unlike my first love, I know that Hellboy 2 will never leave me for the school football captain and tell everyone I have a small penis.

Tell us about the film, pencil-dick! I hear you cry. Fair enough then. Hellboy 2 looks stunning. Jaw-droppingly stunning. The fights are bone-crunchingly spectacular. The humour – and there’s lots of it – is rib-ticklingly funny. The emotional scenes are eye-wateringly sad. Unfortunately, Luke Goss is mind-numbingly awful…

Only joking Luke! Actually, Luke’s fine. However, he’ll always be Luke from Bros to most of us British viewers of a certain age.

So there you have it. Best movie of the year. Hellboy would beat The Dark Knight in a fight easy-peasy. Roll on Hellboy 3.


  1. I was gonna rent Hellboy but decided not to do so. I ended up seeing Hellboy II first and loved it!

  2. You really can't say it enough times: No more Van Helsings!

  3. I missed this at the cinema, but managed to see Indiana Jones IV...

    Can't win 'em all!

    Will have to rent/buy this soon as I thought the first Hellboy was a good, fun film and The Golden Army looks even better.

  4. It's funny how many people I've talked to who didn't like it. None of them can really explain why or at least put up a really solid argument. I loved it. Like you said, it just had the feel that it was done by someone who really cared.

  5. I'll add my voice to the chorus of pro-Hellboy 2 folks.

    I actually thought this one not only delivered the goods, but it more resembled the source material in the odd way the plot moved forward in these lunges, punctuated by off-kilter exposition and little exchanges between sundry gate-keepers.

    Good times.

    Though, whenever I think of the title, I hear Joe Stummer sing, "Go straight to Hellboy." I had this same problem with the comics. It's a condition I suffer. It's medical.

  6. I really liked Hellboy ll but I wouldn't say it beats Dark Knight. Heath Ledger's Joker is just too phenomenal and dark. Hellboy's character is more humorous and not in the same category since it is played more for the lighter side. Both Hellboy movies are great and I have always loved the actor portraying him even back when he was on Beauty and the Beast, it's just Ledger's performance is more commanding.