Unfortunately Zombie Strippers slips over into the realms of good taste a couple of times - but apart from that, it's a riot!

Zombies and strippers - my two favourite things, and since a court order currently prohibits me from being within 150 yards of either, I was looking forward to this movie more than well, someone looking forward to something that they're really looking forward to. And I loved it. My 14-year old self would have loved it even more, but there's not a lot I can do about that.

Zombie Strippers stars Jenna Jameson. Never heard of her. Who is she? I don't watch porn. Who mentioned porn? She's fine in this, and certainly gives it her all - as she does in her many porn films. Erm, I would imagine...

We also have everyone's favourite modern horror stalwart Robert Englund, doing a marvellously camp turn as the strip club owner...

...and generally, everyone is seen to be having a lot of fun with a script that contains some genuine wit and occasionally, intelligence. Yep, seriously! This film isn't as bad or as stupid as it would have you believe, and occasionally it reveals itself (little pun on the stripper motif there )with some rather poetic dialogue. And even some pretty successful attempts at political satire...

...but if you don't care for the sound of all that nonsense, fear not. It won't be long until the scene of Jenna Jameson firing pool balls out of her, her YOU KNOW, and killing a hapless punter. Now that's what I paid to see!

The trailer:


  1. not seen it, but it's got the words "zombie" and "strippers"in the title, so I guess I'm gonna have to go and check it out.

  2. I started watching this movie, but I couldn't take it for far to long.

  3. I love this movie - and I agree with pretty much everything you said. It's smarter than people are willing to give it credit for (which is so often the case with both horror films and porn films - shame). Anyway, I thought Jenna Jameson stole the show here - I knew she could act (she's really good in Burn), but nevertheless, I was impressed.