Great Horror Recipes #56 - An American Werewolf in London

Following on from the success of last week's Exorcist Pea Soup recipe, here's a classic American dish as featured in An American Werewolf in London:

Toast with Jam & Egg

2 slices white bread
1 egg

Toast the bread and spread with margarine and jam.
Fry an egg sunny side up.

To assemble, put the fried egg on one plate and the jam & toast on the other.

The dish is now complete and is ideal for sharing with friends. It is inspired, of course, by Jack's visit to David in hospital where he grabs a piece of toast and dips it straight into David's virgin yolk.

This seems like quite a strange act to us non-American viewers, because the toast was covered with jam, as we saw and heard the porter explain in the scene before.

We managed to track this porter down after all these years, and asked him about the breakfast that he served up to David on that particular day. Here's what he had to say - "How the bloody hell should I know I only push the bloody trolleys innit!"

Perhaps the recently undead have no sense of taste.

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