You know, here in the Igloo I have gradually grown to have a genuine love of horror films. And I know how easy it is to mock bad examples of the genre. It’s not big and it’s not clever so from now on, I'm refusing to do it.

Anyway, here’s some selected quotes from other people who have watched The Wicker Man:

1. “The minute your hero comes to the rescue dressed as a bear, you should know something has gone horribly awry."

2. “I found the fictional island of Summerisle quite similar to certain parts of North Norfolk, particularly that every thing you ask is received with a blank expression.”

3. “Nicholas cage is just so funny! He should do more comedy!”

4. “He punched 3 females, so what? It was required for the scene. Get over it.”

For some reason this one is my favourite, because a) it’s not trying to be funny and b) the image it manages to create:

5. “After the cinema, my boyfriend was so mad he couldn’t speak about it”

Here are some more words of wisdom:

And finally, "Judo Chop!"


  1. Can't stand Cage, so I will be avoiding this.

    Oh, and your Twitter account was hacked. Got direct messages from you (two of them) yesterday, both SPAM that my blocker blocked.

  2. "Step away from the bike"


  3. Oh dear I recently viewed this film for the first time. It's... an endeavor.

    Also yeah I got some spam from you on Twitter too, just so you know.

  4. "Not the bees! Not the bees!"

    Having bees tipped over your head must be preferable to watching that godawful film.

  5. ok, ive changed my password on twitter so hopefully that'll stop me spamming you lovely people.

    Wings - if you hate Cage, you MUST see this. I'm watching it tonight for a a second time, it really is an astonishing piece of film-making.