Ooooooh, The Giant Claw is a beauty।

Jaw-dropping special effects!

An unforgettable ‘monster’!

Some amazing dialogue…a true classic!

Respect is due to the actors in ‘Giant Claw’. They do a fine job with the script that they’ve been been given. Stevie – the divine Mara Corday ('Tarantula', 'The Black Scorpion') is reliably sassy as ever...

...and then there's the wonderful Jeff Morrow ('This Island Earth', 'The Creature Walks Amongst Us', 'Kronos') as craggy hero pilot ‘Mitch Macafee’.

A truly great name, and it's also good to see that he's not afraid to try for a snog with Mara even though he's a good few years too old for her. Go Mitch!

Apart from ol' Gianty itself, the most enjoyable element of this film is the dialogue:

The General. “Three men reported they saw something. Two of them are now dead.”

Mitch. “That makes me Chief Cook and Bottle Washer in a one-man Bird Watcher's Society!”

Or what about:

Mitch. “Keep your shirt on while I go get my pants.”

Then there's the obligatory scientific explanation that ends with, “You’re both right…but wrong!”

This is a film that deserves to be watched many times. Why not make it part of your yearly Thanksgiving celebrations?

Next time I think I’ll try and count the number of times the word ‘Battleship’ is mentioned – or the number of times a member of the military makes a snidy comment to Mitch for absolutely no reason.

To summarise then – essential viewing 10/10

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