First of all, the good bits - Yvette Vickers। All 5 foot 3 inches of her (35-22-35 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)). What a little cutey.And another tidbit from those good folks at imdb.com - In his book, Stephen King: On Writing, King cited her as one of his movie matinee idols.Anyway, I'm afraid I was a little disappointed by this movie. The scenes of the 50 foot woman didn't do it for me. In fact, in most shots she just looked to be normal size. Rather than super-imposing her on scenes, I reckon much the same effect could have been got by shooting her from a low angle. But hey, I'm no film director.The highlights for me were the more laughable aspects.That giant hand's a cracker, innit? And when the doc rushes in and shouts 'astounding growth!' - it made me chuckle, and I do recall that line being mentioned somewhere in a previous post.But that was about the extent of my enjoyment. I'm going to have to file this under 'not as good as attack of the giant leeches'.

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