Suggested tagline: "John Agar and friends go pot-holing and inadvertantly wipe out an entire civilisation. Oops!"This film is poor, poor, poor, but worth watching because, in my un-biased opinion, John Agar is always worth watching. The sight of him running around in circles, waving his 'Sword of Ishtar' and trying to get off with the only available female....well, I enjoyed it.The story is perfectly simple - archaeologists discover an ancient mushroom eating albino civilisation and because of their torch are worshipped as emissaries from the goddess Ishtar for a while until they meddle with the albinos enslaving the mole-people and escape with a girl for a sure-fire happy ending, just as long as nobody panics and runs under a wobbly pillar.Most memorable quote by a mile is Agar's "Has anyone ever tried smoking dried mushrooms?"

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