Anyone else think the female Cenobite was quite sexy? Go on, admit it!

Anyway - Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 - Horror perfection! My God this is how to make a Horror sequel. Bigger, Better and Badder all round. There’s some seriously NASTAY stuff going on here.
Any dimwit that’s bought into the media ‘torture porn’ hype - about modern Horrors being worse than ever – need only watch some of the wonderfully revolting set-pieces in this film to realise ‘twas ever thus. You got madmen slashing themselves to ribbons, you got skinless people writhing around in pools of blood, you got babies sewing their own mouths shut, and there's blood spurting and pouring from, well just about everywhere, and skinless people finding skin again but then being skinned again and heads being drilled, injections being injected, YES - this is a VERY naughty film.

And it’s aged quite well. Thanks, I reckon, to the amazing costumes, set designs, and great music. There’s a touch of dodgy stop-motion near the end but give me dodgy stop-motion over dodgy CGI any day of the week.

And Pinhead’s not in it as much as you remember. But he’s not the real baddie of the piece anyway. Step forward Julia, the rotter! Played to perfection by Clare Higgins.
The story? Well there’s an asylum, a mute puzzle-solving girl, a mad doctor, Julia, a labyrinth, Uncle Frank, Leviathan, Cenobites, and lots of running around… you remember, don’t you? So do yourself a serious favour and pay this another visit... Why, it’ll tear your soul apart!!! Or make you go eewwww a few times, at least.


  1. Deadly sexy, yes she is. :)

    Been forever since I watched a Hellraiser movie.

  2. "The doctor is in."

    I love the first few Hell Raisers!

  3. Always liked this one, and agree on the preference of dodgy stop motion over cgi.

    The third one wasn't that good, but I always like Terry Farrell so I let it slide. Can skip the 4th, but I actually liked the 5th a lot. It was creepy on a subtle level. That may have also been because I had a customer that could have been a twin to the main actor so I was always a little extra disturbed when I saw it or him. Sounds kinda mean, I know >.>

  4. No no no NO NOOOO!

    I hate this film.

    That is all.

  5. Hear hear! always dodgy animation over CGI... anytime in any movie imo.

    Love it, plotholes and all. My favourite of the Hellraiser series