We trust in cops to protect us, so the idea of one running amok is truly the stuff of nightmares and Horror movies. Unless you’re a regular on London Public Transport of course.

Maniac Cop hails from more innocent times – 1988 to be exact – and stars our favourite chin Bruce Campbell. Time hasn’t been to kind to Maniac Cop though, and it has the feel of a dated made-for-TV movie.

Great poster and memorable tagline though:

Sure, it's showing its age - aren't we all? But Maniac Cop has it has its moments if you’re a fan of the genre. And those moments, unsurprisingly, revolve around a maniac cop killing people in ways that only a maniac would, which obviously makes the general public a trifle uneasy.

But who is he, this Maniac Cop? Not Bruce Campbell, surely? Is Maniac Cop EVEN ALIVE??? And will he get to the mayor to exact his revenge? (spoiler: yes, he does) And will there be 2 sequels??? And are they worth watching? I haven’t seen them yet but I suspect they will be. Not good, but worth watching - so expect a review, perhaps even more in-depth than this one, in the not-too-distant future...


  1. It has been YEARS since I have watched this one, and I have never seen the sequels (I hear that a 4th one is being made!)

    Netflix has 1 & 2 available to watch Instantly, which I should do, when I get some spare time...

  2. I recently watched all three movies in the series and found the experience distinctly underwhelming, though not without its charms.