Inside The Slaughtered Lamb 2010

Much excitement was had over the weekend when, on a rare trip from Igloo-Land, I went for a rather nice meal in a country pub. I opted for Pork Belly on stir-fried Cabbage, topped with Mustard Mash and washed down with a light and fruity Beaujolais. It was fantastic, it really was:

PS I almost forgot, the pub in question was The Black Swan in Effingham, Surrey, a key landmark in horror film history as it was the interior of The Slaughtered Lamb pub which Jack and David had the misfortune to stumble into in, of course, An American Werewolf in London.

It's now almost unrecognisable unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately come to think of it) and there were no weird goings-on to be reported. Although at one point, I could have sworn my Guinness magically refilled itself...

Also rather aptly, the nearby hotel I stayed in was called The Talbot Inn.

Here's some professionally taken photographs:

A shot of the bar itself

The door where Jack and David walked in (and out) and sat down to the left of. It's no longer a functioning entrance (or exit) to the pub, so go round the back.

Excuse me but what's that star on the... oh, it's gone...

Bit of history to finish with.


  1. That is pretty cool! Thanks for the pictures and reminding me that I really want to watch that movie again :)


  2. Thanks for sharing these photos! Cool stuff. Shame the management didn't make more of an issue out of the fact that the place was used in An American Werewolf in London...

  3. Was the darts team playing that day? I've heard they're pretty good - one guy never misses!

  4. Next your going to tell me your taking a trip to the Village of the Damned...

  5. Yep, my off-piste trips to movie locations are a regular thing - I might do another one in 3years time!

  6. But were the patrons and employees as surly and un-welcoming as they were in the film? I too need to watch this movie again!

  7. What a GREAT post I.K. !!!! Those are some swell pics. Now I'm hungry...and thirsty...for room-temperature dark beer :)

  8. Great pics. As much as it has changed it's on my places to visit list. I'm going to head to the village used for the Slaughtered Lamb this summer: Crickadarn, Wales aka East Proctor - http://www.westnet.freeuk.com/werewolf/trivia.htm